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Sentry Recovery and Collections, Inc. (SRC) offers a comprehensive range of collection services which include:

Regular Account Placement

SRC handles your collection accounts on a contingency basis. Our fees for these collections are earned, based only on a percentage of amounts actually paid after your placement date. This percentage is negotiated with you prior to the contract being signed.

Account Forwarding

SRC is a member of the "American Collector Association" (ACA). This membership allows our company to service your accounts both locally and worldwide. As a member of the ACA we can forward an account to a member agency in the area the account now lives. By doing so, we can ensure that when the debtor pays the account to the out of state agency that your money is protected through our membership in the ACA.

This membership also allows us to contact these other members for location information. This also allows us to send an account to the members for legal proceedings if necessary.

Pre-Collect Services

SRC's state of the art computer system allows us to establish a system that simply works for you. We can tailor-make a service that fits your needs. The only limits would be on our agreeable imagination. Our services can range from:
  1. Set dollar fee per account - which could include a series of letters and phone calls.
  2. A minimal percent of what is collection while in pre-collect status, with letters and phone calls.
  3. Handling of your monthly accounts receivable at a percent of what is collected or a dollar fee per account which could include letters and phone calls.
  4. Or any combination there of previously mentioned.
  5. As stated we can supply you with any type of pre-collect, out source collections, and/or billing services your practices may need.
Legal Accounts

SRC will aggressively collect your accounts to try and avoid the necessity of any legal action from being filed. Our fees are based on the fact that this is an expensive and time consuming process to all parties.

As it is our service commitment to you, any account that we can not make reasonable arrangements to pay on, that has an attachable asset, we will advance all costs of court action.

Prior to any filing, we will submit to you an "Assignment of Legal" which requires your offices signature. This form is your authorization to us and the court that we are authorized to file this action.

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